Areola Restoration

      Cost: $2,000          Length: 1 full day

Includes: Training, certification, BBP certification, full kit with Biotouch Merlin Rotary Machine, LI Pigments, primary and secondary numbing and all disposables.

Women who have undergone mastectomies or other breast surgeries or who may have irregular areola are prime candidates for this transforming service. Areola restoration technique consists of cosmetically 3-D tattooing as a way to restore the natural beauty of the breasts to help the client regain their confidence. Areola Restoration is a very rewarding procedure to offer. This is usually the last step after a mastectomy or other major breast related surgeries. 

Students will learn how to recreate or correct the color, size and shape of the nipple.

Areola Reconstruction and Tinting Course & Certification