Tattoo & Permanent Cosmetic Removal

           Cost: $1,500            Length: 1 full day

Includes: Training, certification, BBP certification, full kit with Rotary Machine, needles, Pigments & Color Lift, and all disposables.

In this training, students will learn various methods of tattoo and permanent cosmetic removal. Tattoo removal is a process and can usually take a few sessions. The goal is to camouflage in a way that looks natural or to completely remove by lifting the pigment out of the dermis, up through the epidermis, then forming a scab which exfoliates with pigment in it.

Students will watch trainers demo on permanent makeup removals and tattoo removals. They will then perform on 3 live models.


Methods of removal this course covers:

  • Salabrasion: the removal of a tattoo using water and granular salt. This water and salt mixture is placed over broken skin and is used to rub away and peel away the upper layers of skin.

  • Camouflage: Covering the old tattoo with a nude pigment.

  • Chemical Camouflage: mixes Glycol Acid with nude pigment. 

Tattoo Removal Course & Certification